Urgent Accounting Service

Have you got behind in filing your returns with the IRD? If you need an accountant urgently, NZ Accounting can help.

If you need urgent assistance, NZ Accounting can help. Clients who use this service have got behind with the IRD and need a quick tidy-up. 

NZ Accounting offers a simple process to ensure your work is squared away quickly for a very reasonable price - just walk in with your invoices, receipts, bank statements and any IRD correspondence, sit with an NZ Accounting tax compliance clerk while we enter your data for you, and walk out with your tax filed on the day. Depending on the urgency, NZ Accounting charges from $85+GST to $250/hr+GST. We'll provide you with an estimate when you call, but the following estimates will help you understand the time it would take us to complete your work:

  • Turnover: < $100,000 | Time to complete: 3 - 4 hours
  • Turnover: < $250,000 | Time to complete: 4 - 6 hours
  • Turnover: < $500,000 | Time to complete: 6 - 9 hours

For that, you get:

  • All your invoices and receipts entered for you.
  • 12 months of GST filed.
  • Your business tax filed.
  • Your personal tax filed.
  • Your partner's tax filed.

The above is based on a single business for one tax year. A security deposit for some or all of the job will be required prior to work start date. Terms are strictly payment on completion. Work will not be filed prior to payment.